Businesses and residents

Find information on how your business or residence may be affected by Lumiere London. 

Artichoke is working closely with the Greater London Authority, host local authorities (including Westminster City Council, Camden, Lambeth, host landowners and BIDs), the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London to minimise the impact on the local area and ensure that the festival runs as smoothly as possible for everyone.
Please download the final Business and Resident Letter , which contains updated information relating to the following points in the boroughs of Westminster, Camden and Lambeth. This letter outlines how Lumiere London may affect your business or where you live in the following ways:

  • New details of road closures before, during and after the festival plus maps
  • Parking suspensions
  • Advice if you make or receive deliveries
  • Changes to Tube travel and bus journeys
  • Festival artworks and locations

Please send questions to