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Best 10 museum exhibitions in London 2022

From blockbuster shows at iconic museums to exhibits in quirkier spaces, catch the best museum exhibitions in London on now.

As well as vast permanent collections, museums in London have new and exciting exhibitions to enjoy across the city.

1. Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at The London Film Museum

Two people look at framed images on a tiled wall, bathed in vibrant green light, with a neon green twisting light above, at the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition.
Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition. TM & © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Wizarding World Publishing Rights © JKR
Discover unique behind-the-scenes photographs taken during the filming of the Harry Potter films as part of Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at The London Film Museum. Step into a wizarding world with rarely seen images and one-of-a-kind photo experiences – you'll even have chance to enjoy a drink at London's only bottled Butterbeer Bar! Ongoing. Book Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition tickets now

2. Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom at Science Museum

Get into to the minds of Greek philosophers, as the Science Museum draws on rare and historic objects for its focus on Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom. Marking the bicentenary of Greek independence, this free exhibition reveals how thinkers of the time contemplated art, religion and science with interactive displays. Until 5 Jun

3. The World of Stonehenge at the British Museum

Stonehenge at sunrise, with the sun glinting between the stones.
Stonehenge © English Heritage. Image courtesy of British Museum

Discover secrets of one of the world’s most mysterious ancient monuments, as the British Museum steps into The World of Stonehenge. The monoliths have baffled experts for centuries, but it’s time to piece together its past with stories of Neolithic people of the age – from the tools and star maps they used, to a timber circle known as Seahenge. 17 Feb-17 Jul

See Stonehenge for real by booking a day trip to Stonehenge from London.

4. Rooted Beings at Wellcome Collection

Get to the roots of the relationship between humans, plants and fungi in the Wellcome Collection’s ground-breaking exhibition Rooted Beings. Learn the impact of colonial rule on indigenous peoples in Latin America as ecosystems were destroyed and knowledge was lost, study works focused on wellbeing, and find drawings by an Amazonian artist depicting shamanic plant spirits. 24 Feb-29 Aug

5. Sorting Britain: The Power Of Postcodes at The Postal Museum

An old map of London Postal Districts and Sub-Districts from 1858
Map of London Postal Districts and Sub-Districts c.1858 © Royal Mail Group, Image courtesy of The Postal Museum

Explore Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes at The Postal Museum and discover how the Post Office revolutionised the way post was sorted and delivered. From wartime technology, to Poco the Postcode Elephant, learn how ground-breaking innovations and technology changed the mail system and the effect it had on life in Britain. 30 Mar-1 Jan

6. Japan: Courts and Culture at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year with a visit to The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace for Japan: Courts and Culture. Delve into historic relationships between the British and Japanese royal and imperial families through Japanese treasures housed in the royal collection, from fans and screens to woodcut prints and porcelain, and learn about trade between the two nations. 8 Apr-12 Mar 

7. Breaking the News at the British Library

A group of people standing in front of a large red and blue screen with news images
Breaking the News at the British Library © Justine Trickett. Image courtesy of The British Library
Whether good or bad, news plays a huge part in our lives. The British Library investigates how news outlets not only report on the what’s around us, but also how they can shape the world for better or worse. Examining themes such as sensationalism, propaganda and objectivity, Breaking the News draws on 50 years of newspapers, blogs, objects and stories to go beyond the headlines. 22 Apr-21 Aug

8. Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature at The Victoria and Albert Museum

Be transported into the world of Beatrix Potter at The V&A’s immersive exhibition Drawn to Nature. Encounter original illustrations and documents that investigate the author’s life as a writer, illustrator and natural scientist, and her iconic creations including Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck. Until 8 Jan 23

9. Hidden London at London Transport Museum

Factory workers at Plessey, 1941, as part of Hidden London: the Exhibition at the London Transport Museum
Factory workers at Plessey, 1941, Hidden London: the Exhibition. Credit: TfL. Image courtesy of the London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum’s unique Hidden London exhibition takes you beneath London's streets, into abandoned Tube stations. Learn how these now disused spaces were once functioning stations, and discover how they played a crucial role in wartime efforts during the Second World War. You'll uncover posters, photos and even a recreated ticket hall! Until autumn 2023

10. Legacies: London Transport’s Caribbean Workforce at London Transport Museum

Learn how people from the Caribbean have played a key role in shaping London’s transport systems with Legacies: London Transport’s Caribbean Workforce at the London Transport Museum. Hear accounts from past and present workers, uncover stories from newspaper clippings and enjoy interactive activities. Until summer 2024

Museum exhibitions to book ahead

Space Popular: The Portal Galleries at Sir John Soane's Museum

Visit other realms by way of technology and virtual reality at Space Popular: The Portal Galleries in Sir John Soane's MuseumGo on an epic journey and experience the wonder of travelling between Sir John Soane's era and the present day, while exploring the history and future of virtual travel. 29 Jun-25 Sep

Africa Fashion at The Victoria and Albert Museum

More than 250 objects plus photographs and textiles from The V&A’s collection tell the story of how Africa Fashion has evolved from the mid-20th century to today. Learn how music, visual arts and design have combined to create a dynamic scene led by innovative designers. 2 Jul-16 Apr

Hallyu! The Korean Wave at The Victoria and Albert Museum

A Korean girl with pink flowers in her hair wearing a pink and green robe.
Hallyu! The Korean Wave © Tchai KimYoungjin Hanbok Collection 2015. Image courtesy of Bae Yoon Young / The Victoria and Albert Museum

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and dynamic popular culture of South Korea at Hallyu! The Korean Wave at The Victoria and Albert Museum. Discover how South Korean culture rose to prominence before becoming a phenomenon that has influenced cinema, music, fashion and more. 24 Sep-25 Jun

Science Fiction: Voyage To The Edge of Imagination at Science Museum

Experience an immersive adventure as you board a spaceship at Science Fiction: Voyage To The Edge of Imagination at the Science Museum. Be at the heart of a thrilling science fiction story as you discover an unknown planet and explore the future through science. 6 Oct-4 May

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